CNN – 24 Hours in Auschwitz

This film, of Auschwitz, Poland, is deliberately silent.

Auschwitz. Poland. Concentration Camp. Death Camp.

Should you see this film?

Should you go there and see this place for yourself?

My view: not only watch the film, but show it to your children, your grandchildren.

And if you can, go there – and take the children and grandchildren.

Do all you can to make sure this never ever happens again.

There was one odd thing whilst I was there.

It took me a while to work out what was “different” to what I had expected.

Then I realised what it was. All the pictures and film I had ever seen of Auschwitz were in black and white.

With snow on the ground.

When I was there, it was sunny – and I was seeing it in colour.

Quite odd.

 CNN   24 Hours in Auschwitz

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CNN – Spooky Road, Scotland


Do not watch this film if you are easily confused or spooked.

See cars rolling uphill – see cars going downhill which are going uphill – and vice versa – and the other way around.

No camera trickery whatsoever – feel the shivers go up your spine at the Spookiest Road In The World!

I visit the Electric Brae, the spookiest road in the world and shows cars going uphill when they are really going downhill. And cars going downhill when they are really going uphill.


You get the idea.


 CNN   Spooky Road, Scotland

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CNN – From Sugar Cane To Rum

Ever wondered how rum is made?

Here, I show the collection of the sugar cane (amazing machines!), the crushing of the cane to produce of the molasses (by a very old steam engine!) and the distillation of the finished rum.

No camera men were hurt in the production of this film – but I got a bit worried as the cane cropping machines came just a bit too close – closer then they’d promised!

I was relieved when they did a very sudden “about turn” – but then hit the overhead power lines – see if you can spot it!

They later promised they could see me safely – phew!

 CNN   From Sugar Cane To Rum

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CNN – The Oldest Rum Distillery In Barbados

“Mountgay” is the oldest rum distillery in the Caribbean and I was given exclusive access to film behind the scenes.

At over 300 years old, Mountgay rum is still made the same way as it was 300 years ago – and with a boiler made in Scotland 150 years ago still generating the heat.

See employee Craig explain the rum making process – and see the 2 oldest working pot stills in the world.

 CNN   The Oldest Rum Distillery In Barbados

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CNN – An Evening Of Caribbean Rum

Rum makers from across the Caribbean met in Barbados to show and explain the differing processes / colours and tastes of their products.
I spoke with them – on the beach at the Barbados Hilton, as the sun sets.
See the different rums – and see the evident pride each distiller has in their product.
My thanks to WIRSPA – the West Indies Rum and Spirit Producers Association for their kind assistance.

 CNN   An Evening Of Caribbean Rum

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CNN – Turning Green In Oxford, England

cnn 1 CNN   Turning Green In Oxford, EnglandBroadcast 21st February, 2009.

Alun Hill visited England’s Oxford to report on a new “green” project – designed by a 22 year old.

He shows how a “reversed” Archimedes screw, powered by a tributary of London’s River Thames, is generating electricity for the nearby apartments – and how a special “pipe” laid in the river produces hot water.

He then shows electricity supply meters – which run backwards! There’s also an interview with the young designer himself – 23 year old Henry Reily-Collins.

UPDATE: See the Back Story, the outtakes, here at CNN.

 CNN   Turning Green In Oxford, England

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CNN – London Almost Closed By Snow

Broadcast 2nd February 2009

London buses have not been running all day, most airports are closed, the tube / subway almost completely shut – and commuter trains are stuck in the snow.

Many Londoners are to sleep in their offices and shops tonight – and now the latest reports are that the weather will be even worse tomorrow, spreading right across the UK, with most schools, shops and offices to close.

Alun Hill brings the latest news from a snowy and bitterly cold southern England.

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