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Alun Hill, MCIJ

This my “Travel Writing and Broadcasting” site – for my SEO and Online Marketing site. please see

Always as willing to travel in cattle class as well as business class, my articles, photos and movies have now seen worldwide.

Recent trips include a day trip to India (yes, it really is possible – and highly recommended), filming a Gulag in eastern Russia, Morocco, researching dentistry in Poland, a Eurostar train from London to Avignon in France and back in one day (1400 miles), a week in Cyprus and a week in Jordan, just days before the Embassy was shut on “security grounds”. I also have completed a week in Singapore, a few days home, followed by a week in Barbados, filming a Caribbean Rum distillery (it’s a hard life!).

About the only travel I won’t do is by motor bike / bicycle – I’ve seen far too many accidents around the worldwide.

I’ve been mugged, bitten (both by people and bed bugs), shot at twice, had one fellow traveller die in my arms (at Blackpool railway station, oddly enough) and even been arrested at gunpoint in Czechoslovakia in the Communist days – yet I still get incredibly itchy feet within days of returning.

Favourite City: London, but Cairo is close behind

Favourite Destination: When I’m not working, Majorca is my hideaway – I am lucky that I can never find anything interesting there that I want to write about, so it’s the one place I really “stop” working!

Favourite Food: I’ll try anything, but fish and meat are favourites – no cheese though as I’m allergic to it, which is annoying – especially in Italy!

Favourite Marketing Tool: Twitter. Oh, and AdWords. And Facebook. And LinkedIn. Arrgh! All of them!

I am available for articles, photography, radio and public speaking world wide.

I am an experienced radio and video reporter, with my own equipment / studio and have broadcast worldwide.

Travel Journalism:
I write and film on travel for CNN, National Geographic Adventure Channel, and the (UK) Sky TV Community Channel, as well as being a “Travel Expert” for AllExperts, which is part of the New York Times Group.

Currently 3 x travel books in print.

I currently have over 80,000 followers on 2 x Twitter accounts.

Business Journalism:

I write and film on business for a range of publications and websites, internationally as well as for CNN TV – with an emphasis on online business, social media and SEO.

I also advise internationally, to companies of all sizes, on their online presence, particularly with emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media success and marketing – especially via Press Releases and Google AdWords.
Author: “Internet Marketing – All You Need To Know”.

Technology Editor at – an Accredited Google News Source.


An immediate past member of the “Chartered Institute of Journalists” (the world’s oldest professional body for journalists), I also have just retired from Chairing their International Division and their Pensions Committee. I also sat on the governing Council, the Charity Committee and the Professional Practices Board.

I’m also a member of the “British Association of Journalists” and “The Media Society”.

I hold a full UK Press Card, issued by the Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard, London.

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